Quick work develops into QARE portal
16:25, 2 Oct 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Bill la Forge announced the alpha release of QARE, an agent-based Java portal for XML on the Web.

QARE is the Quick Agent Runtime Environment, a Java servlet-based environment for integrating XML with Java object processing. Bill laForge describes QARE's operation as:

"QARE can handle any number of different markup languages. The type of markup language is specified in the file info portion of the URL used to invoke the servlet. QARE processes POSTed XML documents by converting them into agents. These agents then perform the request specified by the XML document and respond with an object which is converted back into XML and returned to the requestor."

The agents are built and can communicate with each other using Quick, an open-source tool for connecting XML data with Java object structures.

QARE, like Quick, is open-source and is now distributed under the LGPL license.

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