Getting better Quick
09:05, 23 Aug 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Bill la Forge has announced version 3 of Quick, a tool that enables easy integration of XML documents into Java classes.

Previous versions of Quick required that users learn a schema language to describe the bindings between an XML document and a Java class. La Forge writes that:

Release 3 solves this problem with translators which will convert a DTD to a usable schema, and which will convert a schema to Java code. So now you start with something that works. And that is a big improvement over what we had before.

Other changes in this new release include:

  • Parser configuration handled by placing a text file in the classpath which names the SAX parser of your choice.
  • Default encoding is now ISO-8859-1
  • 8 Quick Utilities, which also serve as examples of how to use Quick.

Quick can be downloaded from La Forge's JXML web site. There is also online documentation and a forum.

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