Quick 2.2, DTD Parser 1.7
20:24, 5 Aug 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Quick, a tool for mapping XML documents to Java and back, and DTDParser, a Java tool for reading in document type definitions, both received updates over the last week.

  • Quick 2.2 now includes "includes a DTD generator, QJML2DTD, to convert a Quick binding schema, QJML, into a DTD. A second utility, QIML2DTD, is also included for converting Quick's internal binding schema, QIML, into a DTD. A DTD for QIML is now included. Quick's code is also available through CVS as a project on SourceForge, along with a mailing list.
  • DTDParser 1.7 now preserves the order in which declarations were originally made, as well as information provided in comments. DTDParser has evolved rapidly since its initial release in late June, and now provides objects representing the entire DTD.

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