The W3C TAG refutes HLink
08:27, 26 Sep 2002 UTC | Eric van der Vlist

In answer to the HLink linking proposal from the W3C HTML Working Group, the members of the W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG) have unanimously stated that "XLink should be used for hypertext references in user-interface oriented applications" instead of HLink.

As presented by the HTML Working Group, HLink is a general-purpose and astute proposal for (within the next generation of XHTML modules) mapping custom attributes into their XLink equivalents, rather than using XLink directly. It could have been considered a good compromise to rely on XLink without making it apparent.

The TAG decision has created strong reactions from HLink supporters; Simon St.Laurent, pondering its impact on the future of XHTML 2.0, writes:

I think it's fair to suggest at this point that XHTML 2.0 now needs a coffin, and perhaps the W3C's relevance (especially given that the TAG decision was unanimous) needs one as well.

Beyond the technical point, it is interesting to note that this is the first time that the TAG, whose charter includes "building consensus around principles of Web architecture", has so firmly rebuked a W3C Working Group.

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Re: The W3C TAG refutes HLink (Guy Macon - 06:16, 8 May 2003)
Same old story; you give someone the job of looking over your decisions and telling you when you are ...
Re: The W3C TAG refutes HLink (sat - 21:37, 3 Oct 2002)
I guess W3c TAG has been blindsighted by their love for RDF. There is an anti-pattern happening here ...
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