Bug fixes for MS SOAP Toolkit 2.0 Beta 1
09:44, 11 Jan 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Roger Wolter from Microsoft announced a refresh of Microsoft's SOAP Toolkit 2.0 beta 1, with fixes to "few of the more vexing bugs that have been reported thus far."

He noted that:

The download bits have been replaced but the page looks the same so just download the release again. I think it would be wise to uninstall the previous version of the toolkit to be sure that there are no upgrade issues.

Specific fixes include:

  • The SoapConnector was changed to set the content-type in the HTTP header to text/xml
  • The namespace handling for Soap messages was improved to allow better interoperability with other Soap implementations including the 1.0 Toolkit.
  • The SoapClient ConnectorProperty and SoapConnector Property values have been expanded. The properties names for both property interfaces are the same:
  • SoapServer.TraceDirectory -- when set, this enables tracing of Soap messages on the server.

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