New versions of Perl RDF tools RDF::Service and RDFStore
20:25, 27 Dec 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

RDF::Service 0.4, part of the Wraf Perl RDF application framework, and RDFStore 0.31, a Perl API for RDF Storage, have been released.

RDF::Service 0.4 adds:

  • Session metadata now includes the acting person
  • Support for changing ID without saving added data
  • Bugfixes

RDF::Service is part of "Wraf," which according to Jonas Liljegren

... implements a RDF API that hopes to realize the Semantic Web. The framework uses RDF for data, user interface, modules and object methods. It uses interfaces to other sources in order to integrate all data in one enviroment, regardless of storage form.

Meanwhile, Alberto Reggiori has announced version 0.31 of RDFStore, including the following changes.

  • modules now sit into a RDFStore::* namespace
  • availability via CPAN
  • now works with Perl < 5.6
  • Perl API updated to the latest Stanford RDF API Draft version 2000-12-05
  • added a processor to import text files containing (subject, predicate, object) lists.

Reggiori writes that version 0.4 will be available in January, possibly with

... a full Perl TIE interface over the API, a much more efficient/thin indexing method and a DBD driver possibly compliant to Squish RDF queries
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On the Perl RDF front, also worth mentioning the W3C Perllib tools, which include an RDF parser, SQL ...
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