Perl SOAP::Lite modules now have UDDI support
23:58, 29 Nov 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Paul Kulchenko's SOAP::Lite Perl module for SOAP now supports a basic UDDI client, as well as initial support for WSDL schemas.

The UDDI support comes in the form of UDDI::Lite, which supports:

  • Both inquiry and publishing API
  • Built on top of SOAP::Lite module, hence inherited syntax and features
  • HTTPS, SMTP protocols
  • Basic/Digest server authentication

The most recent release of SOAP::Lite is version 0.43, which in addition to UDDI now has limited support for WSDL descriptions of web services, and also incorporates improved documentation and examples.

In his announcement for SOAP::Lite 0.43, Kulchenko shows a Perl one-liner for activating a SOAP service using its WSDL description:

perl "-MSOAP::Lite schema=>'file:./quote.wsdl'" 
        -le "print getQuote('MSFT')"

More information and downloads are available from

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