Zvon in the XML Database arena
12:26, 16 Nov 2000 UTC | Eric van der Vlist

Miloslav Nic announced XDB, an open source XML document repository whose first pre-release is relying on PostgreSQL as its storage engine.

The charter of this new project is to provide a complete framework to store and retrieve XML fragments:

XDB intention is to offer a fast, reliable and scalable XML database framework with powerful querying techniques according to W3C standards (XPath, XML Query) and standard XML processing APIs (SAX, DOM).

The current pre-release is built on top of a PostgreSQL database:

As the first step, our plan is to develop a lightweight XML persistent storage engine on top of a relational database backend to come up with a UI API in short time and replace it by our native XML storage system in the second step to satisfy complex XML processing requirements.

Following the same path than dbXML, XDB appears also to be moving from C++ to Java:

C++ version support is frozen due to Java reimplementation

There is no license notice and XDB is probably available under the Zvon free license:

You can freely use and distribute anything you need, but you must give credit to ZVON and link to the ZVON site. It is not a question of copyright; this is simply the right and polite thing to do.

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