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Updated XML database list, XML links from Zvon, DocBook Schema
10:05, 9 Nov 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

  • Ron Bourret has updated his XML database products list. Announcing the update on XML-DEV, he writes:

    I've added roughly 20 new products, added a new category for native XML databases, and substantially rewritten a number of product descriptions, especially in the areas of XML-Enabled Databases and XML Servers.

    (Bourret is an xmlhack editor.)

  • Miloslav Nic has announced a new XML links service from Zvon. The page works by analyzing referrers to Zvon's popular XML tutorial pages, and ranking them. The result is a guide of well-used XML web sites.

  • Norm Walsh announced on the DocBook mailing list that he has created a "first crack" at an XML Schema for DocBook.

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