XML-Signature reaches Candidate Recommendation
14:34, 1 Nov 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

The W3C and IETF have released a Candidate Recommendation of XML-Signature Syntax and Processing, with the expectation of achieving Recommendation status in May 2001.

The new draft optimistically describes the path it will need to take through the IETF and W3C approval processes:

"The duration of Candidate Recommendation will last approximately three months (January 31 2001); after which it should proceed to Proposed Recommendation. However, this specification will not reach Recommendation until the closure of the 6 month IETF Proposed Standard period in May 2001. In May, this specification should be advanced to W3C Recommendation and IETF Draft Standard provided no substantive concerns were raised that would bar such progress. Note, this specification already has significant implementation experience as demonstrated by its Interoperability Report. We expect to meet all requirements of that report within the three month Candidate Recommendation period."

While this draft is believed to be free of all issues raised during Last Call, the authors still request input on the use of XPath and a minimal canonicalization described in the document but never implemented to date.

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