Whitehill XSL Composer released
13:25, 21 Sep 2000 UTC | Eric van der Vlist

Mentioned last month on XML-DEV by Ken Holman, XSL Composer is presented as "the industry's first real-time, WYSIWYG, Drag and Drop stylesheet generator". It is targeted toward webmasters more than XSLT developers.

The online manual gives the following description:

<xsl>Composer is a Web site creation application that is used for developing corporate Internet or intranet sites. <xsl>Composer's WYSIWYG ("what-you-see-is-what-you-get") environment allows you to incorporate such things as tables, hyperlinks, frames and graphics into your web site. More specifically, <xsl>Composer is a tool for developing XSL stylesheets. These XSL stylesheets dictate how information stored in existing XML files will be presented on your web site.

These XSLT stylesheets are generated after the user has defined the layout of the site and its pages, and the rules between the XML documents and these pages. The stylesheets do not seem to be updatable.

Thus XSL Composer appears to be a competitor to existing web site creation tools, rather than the XSLT development and debugging tool expected by Len Bullard and other developers.

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From where can I download this version? (amol - 05:17, 10 Mar 2003)
Please let me know the url of sites from where i can download this version of whitehill xsl editor. ...
Re: Whitehill XSL Composer released (viktor gritsenko - 11:15, 27 Jul 2001)
Cool for XSL which produces HTML.

What we really really need is the same wysivig editor for XSL ...
Re: Whitehill XSL Composer released (Chris Gallon - 20:21, 16 Jun 2001)
The current release of Whitehill <xsl>Composer now supports the inclusion of pre-exisitng XSL and ha ...
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