Sergeant's Perl tools AxKit and XML::XPath updated
18:08, 19 Sep 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Matt Sergeant has released version 1.0 of XML::XPath, an XPath processor, and version 0.99 of AxKit, his Perl/Apache/XML content delivery framework.

XML::XPath allows processing of a DOM-like parse tree by retrieving nodes that match a particular XPath expression. This release is the first stable release. Sergeant writes:

This stable release now includes all XPath functionality, and the node implementation provides a DOM-like API, implementing most of the needed parts of DOM 1.0. The release has some speed improvements and also fixes a number of memory leaks.

Also nearing a stable release is Sergeant's AxKit, an XML application server framework for Apache and mod_perl.

Sergeant writes that among other things, the memory consumption of the latest release is significantly less:

AxKit 0.99 isn't much of a huge change from 0.99pre1 to the user. It renames some of the PerlSetVar directives to have Ax prefixes, and thats about it. It should also share a lot more memory, as I try and load some things in the parent process that can be shared among the children now. This brings memory consumption down about 1M per httpd child!

AxKit is available from, and also for the first time from CPAN.

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