More SOAP issues, another revision of SOAP Perl module
09:38, 18 Aug 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

SOAP issues and tools update:

  • The SOAP 1.1 issues list maintained by Henrik Frystyk Nielsen has been updated.

    Substantially increased since its first draft, the list captures queries and criticisms from those on the SOAP mailing list and the www-dist-app list.

    Causing particular debate at the moment is the issue of HTTP status codes for SOAP errors. (See issue raised by Larry Masinter's posting on the SOAP list).

    The W3C is still considering whether or not to proceed with an XML Protocols activity, which would likely take SOAP as its starting point.

  • Keith Brown has announced version 0.25 of his SOAP Perl module.

    Major changes in this version, in addition to documentation updates, include:

    • Added SOAP::Struct and SOAP::StructSerializer to allow deterministic order of serialization of elements
    • Deprecated SOAP::SimpleTypeWrapper; found a cleaner solution

    Brown's module is also available via CPAN.

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