XML::RAX: Record-oriented XML API for Perl
19:10, 30 Apr 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Sean McGrath's RAX proposal, featured on last week, has already attracted a Perl implementation, by Robert Hanson.

RAX, the Record-oriented API for XML, provides a simple programming interface to database-generated XML. It can be used in situations where the full power of SAX and DOM is overkill; namely when the structure of the XML is "flat" as opposed to a tree.

RAX builds on McGrath's earlier work with Pyxie, his initial implementation having been written in Python. If RAX attracts implementations with the same speed that Pyxie's PYX notation did, we can expect support in Java and other languages pretty soon!

XML::RAX can be downloaded from its temporary home.

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Re: XML::RAX: Record-oriented XML API for Perl (Hernan Garcia - 02:58, 28 Mar 2004)
I'm trying to use XML::RAX to generate some translations files in Freemed, but i get this error "xml ...
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