XML-DEV withering
11:52, 12 Apr 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

The XML-DEV mailing list has never quite shaken off the technical problems associated with its move to OASIS's and, amid complaints of 17 hour delays, has ceased to function once more.

Long used as an excellent technical resource for XML developers, XML-DEV's ongoing difficulties are proving an impediment to the kinds of discussion and collaborative development that have made its reputation.

We have contacted OASIS repeatedly over recent weeks to obtain information about the difficulties, but no reply has yet been forthcoming. While it is recognized that running a mailing list is not a trivial task, it bodes poorly for OASIS, and its sponsor companies, currently trying to garner the respect and energy of the XML world.

Update: messages appear to be trickling through again, but as yet no explanation of the difficulties has been sent.

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