XML::PYX: a Perl Pyxie
13:21, 19 Mar 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Inspired by Sean McGrath's Pyxie article on, Matt Sergeant has built an XML::PYX module for Perl and released it to the CPAN archives.

XML::PYX follows the same model as McGrath's implementation, allowing the creating of PYX representations of XML documents based on validating or non-validating parsers. PYX is tiny, weighing in at less than 2K.

The original C implementation for Python uses expat and RXP as its non-validating and validating parsers, respectively, while the Perl version uses XML::Parser and XML::Checker::Parser.

Update: Michel Rodriguez has posted "an XML::PYX example, plus a pyx_writer tool" Matt Sergeant has posted XML::PYX 0.04 to CPAN, with the following changes: "Added pyxw - a pyx to xml converter (Michael Rodriguez)
Added ToCSF package (sends output to currently selected filehandle instead of a string).
Added more docs.

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