PreTI authoring tools
13:13, 29 Oct 2003 UTC | Michael Smith

David Tolpin has announced PreTI, a set of open-source Java-based, Relax NG-driven authoring tools that "implements a different approach to input of structured documents." Currently available are both a PreTI jEdit plugin (docs) and a toolkit (docs) for creating "markup rules" useful with PreTI implementations.

Tolpin writes that PreTI is based on three key assumptions:

  • a written document conveys information about its structure by means of the human language

  • the role of markup is to follow the document's structure, not to define it

  • the tags are for computers; no one would read a text marked in DocBook, instead of a plain flow of words, sentences, and paragraphs, just to understand it

Time will tell if PreTI turns out to be as usable and successful as the last major project Tolpin focused his energies on: the commercial XSL-FO rendering engine XEP (he worked on it for four years as CTO and develpment lead).

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Re: PreTI authoring tools (AnonymousCoward - 08:36, 4 Nov 2003)
the site seems to be down. no chance to evaluate this. still asking myself whether this is some kind ...
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