Overheard at Extreme Markup Languages 2003
13:25, 9 Aug 2003 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Extreme Markup Languages had its usual thought-provoking intensity this past week in Montreal. The following bits may provoke yet a few more thoughts.

"What could be more extreme than the notion that we can technologize knowledge?"

"I know I'm feeling better when I start planning XML parties."

"The reason why I've got these complicated things is that it's complicated."

"All our progress is catastrophic."

"a new level of wonderfulness, whatever that might be."

"If you use the wrong patterns, you'll never come back."

"There are two reasons I got into this topic. One of them was a good reason, the other was the kind of reason that usually gets people into these kinds of topics."

"Implementability was not a goal of the Schema Working Group."

"The example is defective in various ways, but it doesn't matter."

"They put in an SGML publishing system and fired all the editors.... I need editors."

"It's not a tree. Or, if we built a tree, it would be infinite. Some traversal takes forever, so... don't do that."

"This may have a bit of the 2am in the bar too many drinks kind of feel to it."

"This talk is a pretty negative talk, I'm afraid, but..."

"Extreme means never having to say you're sorry."

"You ought to know how to use it. Those are the places where it's broken."

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Re: Overheard at Extreme Markup Languages 2003 (Ari Nordström - 10:12, 4 Nov 2003)
I wish I could remember exactly what Eliot Kimber said about me "and other misguided souls using ID- ...
Re: Overheard at Extreme Markup Languages 2003 (Jesse Holmes - 03:35, 24 Sep 2003)
Contact you, how?
Re: Overheard at Extreme Markup Languages 2003 (hilary glazer - 00:45, 15 Sep 2003)
i am going to be one of the first programmers to bring xml into practice. any of you out there who ...
Re: Overheard at Extreme Markup Languages 2003 (Roger Sperberg - 02:45, 10 Aug 2003)
I would add these two comments from talks:

"There's no end to metadata . . ."


"IBM isn' ...
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