Extreme Markup Languages 2003: complete program available
09:01, 17 Jul 2003 UTC | Michael Smith

The complete program of all sessions scheduled for the Extreme Markup Languages 2003 conference ("an unabashedly hard-core conference for the technically-oriented members of the information interchange and knowledge representation community" taking place in Montreal on August 5-8) is now available. Details about pre-conference tutorials being held on Monday, August 4, are also available (both full day and half-day morning and half-day afternoon tutorials).

Chaired by Tommie Usdin, with Deborah Lapeyre, Steven Newcomb, C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, and James David Mason as co-chairs, the conference looks to cover a lot of ground: XML, Topic Maps, XSLT, RDF, XSL-FO, XML schemas, XPath, Semantic Web Servers, TMQL, alternative syntaxes, infosets, linking, STnG, FXSL -- with presentations from (among others):

MURATA Makoto, Eliot Kimber, Jeni Tennison, Norman Walsh, Ken Holman, Ari Krupnikov, Simon St.Laurent, Eric van der Vlist, Henry Thompson, Steve Pepper, Jonathan Robie, Thomas Passin, Lars Marius Garshol, and Liam Quin

-- and a keynote from Data and Reality author William Kent.

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I've been looking for this info
Great resourse! Thanks.
Great resourse! Thanks.
Thanks (Ben - 23:26, 19 Dec 2003)
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