Rainbow-colored Relax NG
10:43, 23 Jun 2003 UTC | Michael Smith

Hans Fugal has released a Vim syntax highlighting file for Relax NG compact syntax (RNC). It joins a couple of other options available for working with and viewing syntax-highlighted RNC schema instances: an Emacs mode and a set of stylesheets for generating HTML versions of RNC schemas.

All three mechanisms use highlighting which gives prominence to the most important information in any schema: the element and attribute names -- and in the case of RNC schemas, the named-pattern names (similar to DTD parameter entity names).

vim RNC syntax screenshot
Figure 1: RNC in Vim

Emacs RNC mode screenshot
Figure 2: RNC in Emacs

RNC in HTML screenshot
Figure 3: RNC in HTML

The lean-ness of the RNC syntax combined with the syntax highlighting makes for some extremely readable schemas.

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