Release Candidate of Sydock Document Processor
20:07, 8 May 2003 UTC | Oleg Paraschenko

Sydock Software have announced the release candidate of Sydock Document Processor, a set of tools for WYSIWYG XML authoring for end-users.

Sydock Document Processor (hereinafter Sydock DP) allows you to work with XML documents in the same way as with regular documents in popular text-processors, such as Microsoft Office. Enterprise edition includes:

  • WYSIWYG document editor
  • W3C XML Schema Wizard
    The Sydock DP built-in XML Schema Editor facilitates XML schema editing by presenting it in the form of a tree of elements.
  • Style Wizard (ESL Wizard)
    The visual representation of an XML document in the WYSIWYG editor is described with the help of ESL (Extended Style Language). ESL consists of XSLT and CSS directions. Sydock Document Processor provides its own built-in realizations of XSLT and CSS subsets. The Style Wizard allows for visual creation of ESL, which saves the user the trouble of writing XSLT and CSS directions him/herself.
  • Automated XML Schema Validation
    Sydock DP automatically checks all the information entered by the user for its accordance with the designated XML schema and highlights errors.

As Sydock Document Processor employs a specialized XSLT processor, it allows for the complete control of a document representation for editing, including selecting separate parts or subsets of the document. Sydock DP provides the possibility of creating several different representations of a document for different users.

Sydock Software provides a range of features through its product family:

  • Sydock Document Processor Enterprise
  • Sydock Document Processor Standard
    Does not include the tools for creating styles or schemas. Neither does it support importing from databases, Microsoft Word or text files.
  • Sydock Forms
    A free lite version of Sydock DP. Allows filling out and processing XML forms.

Document styles for all the three editions can be created using the wizards of the "Enterprise" edition.

Sydock Document Processor allows for using add-ins as COM objects and for VBScript, Jscript macros. Sydock DP can be used as a "smart" client for various web-services working with XML.

Developers, who can create XML-applications with Sydock DP, are provided with a Software Development Kit.

Sydock Document Processor is currently priced at US$200 for a single Standard Edition user license. A trial version is available for downloading. During the beta testing period Sydock Document Processor will be on sale with a 50% discount.

For more details on Sydock Document Processor visit the Sydock Software company site

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