Topologi 1.1 released
12:38, 19 Feb 2003 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Rick Jelliffe's Topologi has released the next version of its innovative Collaborative Markup Editor, adding new features and Linux and MacOS X support.

The new features include: HTML repair and HTML-to-XML conversion, RTF style mapping and importing to XML, bookmarks for ad-hoc navigation in large files, a Java class mini-browser, validator and API for better scripting, search-and-replace and search-and-tag tools.

Topologi's editor supports all modern XML schema languages and claims "the most comprehensive tools for whitespace handling, line wrapping and character encoding of any XML editor."

More information on the new features is available from Topologi's web site.

Topologi Collaborative Markup Editor is commercial software, currently priced at US$60 for a single user license. A trial version is available for download.

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