SVG 1.1, Mobile Profiles reach Recommendation status
02:53, 15 Jan 2003 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

The W3C has released the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 Specification and Mobile SVG Profiles: SVG Tiny and SVG Basic as Recommendations, along with some much more exciting demos than is typical for the XML world.

Much as XHTML 1.1 focused on modularization, SVG 1.1 took SVG 1.0 and broke it down into smaller components. SVG Tiny and SVG Mobile use those modules to define subsets of SVG which can be used in devices like PDAs and cell phones. The SVG 1.1 FAQ includes a much better and considerably more vivid demonstration of SVG Tiny and Mobile implementations than is possible here.

Implementations have already come quite far, and the W3C has published a test matrix from November.

The SVG Working Group is continuing to develop SVG 1.2, as well as possible additional profiles for mobile and printing use cases.

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