Xerces C++ 2.0.0 released
18:16, 10 Aug 2002 UTC | Andrey Astakhov

Version 2.0.0 of the popular XML parser Xerces C++ has been released.

Besides full schema support, the Xerces C++ development team have introduced "Apache Recommended DOM C++ Binding" and experimental DOM Level 3 support in this release.

Main features of this version:

  • 64 bit binaries distribution
  • Apache Recommended DOM C++ Binding
  • Experimental DOM Level 3 subset support, including DOMWriter and DOMBuilder
  • Grammar preparsing and Grammar caching
  • Follow Unix Shared Library Naming Convention
  • Optionally ignore loading of external DTD
  • Project files for Microsoft Visual C++ .Net
  • Codewarrior 8 support
  • Option to enable/disable strict IANA encoding name checking
  • Many more bug fixes and performance enhancement

The Xerces-C++ Version 2.0.0 is available in both source distribution and binary distribution:

  • 32 bit: AIX, HP11, Linux, Solaris, Windows;
  • 64 bit: AIX, HP11, Solaris.

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Re: Xerces C++ 2.0.0 released (Alexander Savenkov - 11:35, 12 Aug 2002)
Good work, Andrey.
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