New Book: Definitive XML Application Development
07:59, 21 Jun 2002 UTC | Uche Ogbuji

Prentice Hall has released Definitive XML Application Development, by Lars Marius Garshol. The book details application development that uses XML, focusing on Python in most of the examples.

The author provides the following outline for the book:

  • "a general introduction to XML programming issues"
  • an introduction to event-based programming, with a focus on SAX
  • an introduction to tree-based programming, with a focus on the DOM
  • an introduction to declarative XML development, with a focus on XSLT
  • coverage of more general issues like other approaches to XML development, working with schemas/DTDs and some larger examples
  • a set of chapters showing how to use SAX, the DOM and XSLT in Java applications.

There is also a detailed table of contents on-line.

Lars Garshol is developer of xmlproc, the Python SAX implementation and other projects. He is also a leading expert on topic maps.

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