Mozilla 1.0 Released
21:27, 9 Jun 2002 UTC | Uche Ogbuji

The Mozilla open-source Web browser, which has probably been the most sharply scrutinized software development project in history, has reached version 1.0. Standards compliance has always been a primary goal of Mozilla, and XML standards have taken no back seat in the feature set.

(Note: Oleg A. Paraschenko of the Russian xmlhack site provided some contributions to this article.)

See the official " Launches Mozilla 1.0" press release. Mozillazine offers general coverage of the release as well as a roster of other media coverage.

Among the XML-related components in Mozilla 1.0 are:

An implementation of the W3C's Mathematical Markup Language.
Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P)
Implementation of the W3C P3P specification.
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
Implementation of the W3C's Scalable Vector Graphics Language.
XML Extras
Features that are not part of standard XML infrastructure, such as the XMLHttpRequest object used in Microsoft XML tools.
Implementation of the XML-RPC specification as a JavaScript component.
Implementation of W3C XSL Transformations (XSLT). TransforMiiX is also available from the command line.
Implementation of W3C Resource Description Framework (RDF) which Mozilla uses to aggregate and display information about all kinds of Internet resources, including email, UseNet news, site maps, bookmarks, and browser history.
DOM Inspector
Tool that allows one to debug and edit HTML, XML, and XUL documents.
XBL - Extensible Binding Language 1.0
Markup language for describing bindings that can be attached to elements in other documents through CSS or DOM. Such bindings can be used for dynamic manipulation of the behavior of elements.
XML-based User Interface Language (XUL)
Markup language for user interface and scripting control.

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In a bit of related bad news, there has been no resolution to the problem where Mozilla breaks compatibility with Adobe SVG plugin.

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