PHP 4.2.0 released with XML features
19:00, 12 May 2002 UTC | Uche Ogbuji

The PHP Group have announced PHP 4.2.0, which includes updates to PHP's XML facilities. [Article adapted from]

In particular, PHP developers that use XML in their applications should enjoy improved performance and stability from the domxml extension.

The following are the XML processing improvements in PHP 4.2.0:

  • Added function domxml_dump_node($doc,$node). This function dumps a node and all children into a string.
  • Added function domxml_node_get_content().
  • Added function domxml_dump_file($filename,[$compression]). Dumps XML to a file and uses compression, if specified.
  • Added exslt integration to domxml extension (see for details). Configure with --with-dom-exslt[=DIR] (and --with-dom-xslt).
  • Updated the XSLT extension to support Sablotron 0.8.
  • Added xpath_register_ns() function. This function makes it possible to issue XPath queries with namespaces like for example: "//namespace:sampletag".
  • Fixed several bugs and memleaks in the domxml extension.
  • Fixed several crash bugs in the xslt extension.
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Re: PHP 4.2.0 released with XML features (Kleitor Franklint - 18:48, 3 Jun 2002)
bad, if it was morw clear, ot saw good!
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