XForms Basic invites public, reports vendor feedback
16:23, 19 Apr 2002 UTC | Micah Dubinko

The XForms Working Group has asked the public to participate in defining "XForms Basic", a smaller profile of the XForms specification targeted at small devices such as phones and handheld computers.

The work is being done by a special task force in direct response to public Last Call Comments that the XForms Basic profile was poorly specified and difficult to implement.

The message includes hard data collected from Working Group participants identifying the most troublesome parts of the specification. The top-scoring features on the complexity scale: providing 100% support for XML Schema and XPath.

A number of specific proposals are included to trim down XForms Basic, including limited profiles of the above mentioned XML Schema and XPath, as well as floating point math, automatically-repeating user interfaces, scripting, and declarative XForms Actions.

This is the second time this year that the XForms Working Group has requested participation from the general public in the standards process. In January, the Working Group chair requested sample forms for inclusion in an appendix of the specification.

The XForms Basic task force requests comments by May 5th. To comment, please join the mailing list by sending a message with the subject "subscribe" to www-forms@w3.org.

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