XIndice 1.0 released
16:53, 22 Mar 2002 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Kimbro Staken announced the release of XIndice 1.0, an open-source native XML database in Java.

XIndice is targeted at medium-scale database applications:

"The server is currently suitable for medium volume XML storage applications. It supports XPath for queries and XML:DB XUpdate for XML updates. An implementation of the XML:DB XML database API is provided for Java developers and access from other languages is enabled through the download of an XML-RPC plugin."

XIndice aims to fill a particular niche in the XML ecosystem and fill it well:

"Xindice is primarily targeted at new application development where XML has already been determined to play a critical role. If you find your self asking the question, "why should I convert my existing applications to use Xindice?", then you're probably asking the wrong question. Of course, if those existing applications make extensive use of XML, it might be worth exploring."

XIndice, formerly known as dbXML, is part of the Apache XML project.

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Re: XIndice 1.0 released (Terris Linenbach - 00:40, 2 Apr 2002)

I would be interested to know if anyone is using this module and how well it works under loads(separating queries from updates).

This sounds like superb work. Pity the software developers who need to work to feed their families... Then again, hating software developers and the people who pay them is pretty mainstream.

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