Open-source DSML tools
07:25, 14 Feb 2002 UTC | Michael Smith

Gerv Markham has released DSML Tools, a suite of open-source Java utilities for handling Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) data.

The suite, released under a dual GPL/Mozilla license, includes the following utilities:

  • LDAP2DSML: performs an LDAP search and outputs the results as DSML.

  • DSML2LDAP: takes a DSML file and modifies a directory based on its contents.

  • DSMLDiff: shows the effective differences in the data between two DSML files.

  • DSMLValidate: checks the integrity of DSML against a directory schema.

The Directory Services Markup Language (DSML), is an open standard, maintained by the OASIS Directory Services Technical Committee, that provides a means for:

  • representing LDAP directory structural information as an XML document

  • expressing LDAP directory queries and updates (and the results ofthese operations) as XML documents

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