XForms Enters Last Call
01:41, 19 Jan 2002 UTC | Micah Dubinko

The W3C XForms Working Group has released a new Last Call Working Draft of XForms 1.0. Feedback is requested at www-forms-editor@w3.org.

A changelog indicates that most of the changes from the previous version were minor editorial issues and clarifications. More detailed information on the differences is also available.

The document outlines the Working Group's plan to move XForms through the W3C process:

"Following completion of Last Call, the XForms Working Group has agreed to advance the specification according to the following exit criteria:"
  • Sufficient reports of implementation experience have been gathered to demonstrate that XForms processors based on the specification are implementable and have compatible behavior.
  • An implementation report shows that there is at least one implementation of each feature.
  • Formal responses to all comments received by the Working Group.
If these criteria are met, the specification will advance to Proposed Recommendation, otherwise the specification will enter a Candidate Recommendation phase to ensure that the above criteria are met.

A new mailing list at www-forms-editor@w3.org has been set up to record Last Call comments. An archive of the list is also available.

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