XForms Working Group requests public examples
09:38, 9 Jan 2002 UTC | Micah Dubinko

Steven Pemberton, chair of the XForms Working Group, has requested members of XForms community to contribute sample forms for inclusion in the XForms 1.0 specification. From his message:

Recently the XForms working group decided it would be good to involve the Forms community more in the forthcoming XForms specification by inviting you to submit example forms for inclusion in the specification.

We are looking for reasonably short forms that exhibit clarity, and demonstrate the advantages of XForms.

Submitters whose forms are used will get their name added to the acknowledgements section of the document.

For further information or to make a contribution, join the mailing list by sending a message with the subject "subscribe" to www-forms@w3.org. Alternately, an archive of the messages is available.

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