Java XML diff toolkit
21:17, 13 Dec 2001 UTC | Bijan Parsia

Joining the swelling ranks of tools for generating deltas between XML documents, VMTools is a new open source Java toolkit.

Features include:

  • cost optimizer finds differences in document oriented XML as quickly as in data-oriented XML
  • sample programs show "diff" and "patch" style functionality in a few dozen lines each
  • web-based DifferenceGenerator and PatchApplicator available online
  • builds on JDOM
  • XPath subset implementation

VMTools is available for download under an Apache-like open source license.

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Re: Java XML diff toolkit (Klaus Mayr - 07:56, 8 Apr 2003)
is it true? what can we do? what needs to be done?
Re: Java XML diff toolkit (Roseanne Zhang - 20:34, 17 Jan 2003)
The "VM Tools" Java Diff is almost totally useless. Sorry to say that. I use one of their example13. ...
Re: Java XML diff toolkit (Jakob Jenkov - 13:29, 20 Dec 2001)
Will there be a release out capable of using dom4j ??

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