New Linux tools: Adobe SVG viewer and Quick
22:02, 11 Dec 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Users of the Linux platform will be glad to hear of the release of Adobe's SVG viewer: also JXML's Quick Java/XML toolkit now has explicit Linux support.

  • The Adobe SVG viewer is compatible with Mozilla and its derivatives (e.g. Galeon). It can be downloaded as a binary from Adobe's web site.

  • The Quick utility suite, now having Linux support by means of a set of bash scripts, includes:

    • Quick4.3.0 -- A Java toolkit for working with XML.
    • JXUnit3.1.3 -- Adds scripting and external data to JUnit.
    • JXWeb0.5 -- For testing web services.
    • QARE2.1 -- a PUSH-based XML portal that uses both email and HTTP

    Quick and associated utilities can be downloaded from the quickutil SourceForge page.

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