New DOM and XForms Working Drafts
12:56, 11 Dec 2001 UTC | Leigh Dodds

DOM Level 2 HTML, is the only DOM Level 2 module that is not currently a W3C Recommendation. The other modules having reached Recommendation in November 2000. This latest Working Draft sees the module entering its Last Call period, scheduled to end on 7th January 2002.

The current list of issues has been published by the DOM Working Group. Additional feedback should be directed to the www-dom mailing list.

The introduction to the new XForms 1.0 Working Draft notes that the revision:

...incorporates new material agreed upon at the Mountain View face to face meeting and ongoing feedback from the general public.

A change log and an HTML version that incorporates diff markings are both available. Large changes have been made to the Processing Model chapter in particular.

It is intended that this will be the last Working Draft before this specification also reaches Last Call.

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