MinML-RPC, Sandstorm XML-RPC framework
11:28, 28 Nov 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Recent developments in the XML-RPC world include a new release of the small-footprint Java XML-RPC stack, MinML-RPC, and the continuing development of Sandstorm, a component system built on XML-RPC.

MinML-RPC uses John Wilson's MinXML parser in order to create an XML-RPC implementation suitable for embedded systems (512k RAM) without dominating system resources simply for the remote procedure call. MinML-RPC runs on JDK 1.1+. The distribution includes a version which runs on the TINI single board Java system. MinML-RPC is open source, released under a BSD style license.

Idan Sofer's Sandstorm is a simple component system built on top of XML-RPC. It provides the pecification and implementation of an XML-RPC interface allowing components to notify each other location, called the registry. It defines its own IDL language for describing interfaces. The distribution comes with a set of bindings for languages including Java, Python, Ruby, Perl and PHP. The current version is 0.99.

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