Native XML database API: reference implementation released
03:23, 14 Nov 2001 UTC | Michael Smith

The XML:DB initiative has been working to develop a standard API -- similar in scope to ODBC, JDBC, and the Perl DBI -- to facilitate interoperability between native XML database applications and "lower the learning curve for XML database development". Kimbro Staken has announced the release of a reference implementation (in Java) of the current draft specification of the API.

The release (1.5 Mb tar.gz) includes source code (distributed under Apache-style license), a Java driver development kit, and a limited test suite. The reference implementation joins a list of other implementations of the API that includes the open-source applications dbXML and eXist (another open-source project, Ozone, has an implementation in the works). Staken writes:

The API has reached the point where the core design is complete and the details required for interoperable implementations are being hammered out. Anyone interested in implementing the API is encouraged to participate in the project. The open source databases are already well covered so I'm very interested in seeing implementations for the commercial databases.

Interested developers should subscribe to the XML:DB initiative's xapi-dev mailing list by e-mailing a subscribe message to <>.

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