XML databases add XQuery, SVG capabilities
14:16, 25 Oct 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

X-Hive have released a demo of an XQuery implementation, while Ipedo have announced a new version of their database, including SVG management capabilities.

X-Hive's query implementations works over XML documents stored in the X-Hive/DB database, still an unusual claim among existing query implementations. It claims to implement 74 out of the 78 XQuery use cases. The demo is available on X-Hive's web site.

Version 2.0 of Ipedo's XML Database includes several new features geared towards content-driven XML applications. They include:

  • Free-text searching over XML documents
  • SVG management: includes image search and dynamic image inclusion
  • Distributed database management
  • Intregrated XSLT transformation
  • Large document processing (up to 1GB)

Ipedo XML Database 2.0 is a commercial product. More information is available from their web site.

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Re: XML databases add XQuery, SVG capabilities (Hugh Elgar - 15:37, 26 Oct 2001)
The X-Hive XQUery demo is truely impressive.
Re: XML databases add XQuery, SVG capabilities (G. Schnell - 20:00, 25 Oct 2001)
X-Hive's XQuery implementation is very impressive! I've tested M$ and Software AG's XQuery implement ...
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