New Perl SAX utilities, SVG tutorial
17:06, 17 Oct 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Kip Hampton and Robin Berjon are developing utility modules for SAX2 programming in Perl; Ronan Oger has posted tutorials for his module.

Kip Hampton has made available beta releases of two new Perl XML modules, XML::Filter::Base and XML::Filter::SAX1toSAX2. According to Hampton:

XML::Filter::Base is comprehensive base class that greatly simplifies the task of writing SAX filters while adding only minimal overhead to the processing chain. As a side benefit it can be used as a base class for SAX generators, as well.

XML::Filter::SAX1toSAX2 is a SAX filter that translates SAX1 events to SAX2 per the recommendations agreed upon on this list. It also ships with a SAX2toSAX1 filter so authors may also hook their SAX2 filters and generators into existing SAX1-only handler classes available on CPAN.

Following up on Kip's modules, Robin Berjon has released a couple of experimental modules: XML::NodeFactory::SAX2, "a simple node factory being the default for SAX2", and XML::SAX::Expat.

Ronan Oger has released two tutorials for users of his Perl module for generating SVG,

  • Tutorial 1 covers basic SVG generation: circle, text, new().
  • Tutorial 2 covers links, styles, anchors, groups, comments.

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Four more tutorials with source code have been added to the tutorials list at: ...
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