URN Namespaces based on dated URIs
08:24, 3 Sep 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Larry Masinter has published an Internet Draft entitled '"duri" and "tdb": URN Namespaces based on dated URIs'.

The draft defines two persistent namespaces of URNs based on preprending a date to a URI. The result is a namespace in which names can readily be assigned but which also offers the persistence of reference required by URNs.

Two schemes are defined: "duri," which is used to refer to URI-identified resources, and "tdb," used to refer to abstractions that are not network resources but which are described by them. Masinter gives some examples:

For example, urn:duri:2001: is a persistent identifier to '' as of the very first moment of the year 2001...

So "urn:tdb:2001:" can be used to designate the Internet Engineering Task Force organization, at least as it was described by or referenced by its home page at the first instant of 2001.

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Re: URN Namespaces based on dated URIs (Lars Marius Garshol - 07:51, 4 Sep 2001)
Something along these lines is definitely needed. The tag: URI scheme described at http://www.taguri ...
Why two? Isn't one good enough? (Anyonymous Coward - 16:46, 3 Sep 2001)
Great idea putting a date in a URL. However, there seems to be a trend to distinguish between data ...
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