Beepcore-C framework released
13:24, 16 Aug 2001 UTC | Matthew Hunt

Invisible Worlds have announced the publication of Beepcore-C, an implementation of the BEEP framework written in C.

The Beepcore-C library provides BEEP functionality for use in C programs and also includes C++ wrappers. Beepcore-C includes profiles for TLS, SASL/Anon, and SASL/OTP as well as support for implementing other profiles. Beepcore-C supports Linux, Solaris, and Windows NT/2000.

Currently only available for download via CVS, tarballs of the distribution are promised soon. The software is covered by the Blocks Public License, a BSD-style license.

This release represents the third Beepcore framework release to come out of, the other two being Beepcore-Tcl (now at version 1.01) and Beepcore-Java (now at version 0.9.06).

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