SOAP::Lite heavy with new features
17:48, 29 Jul 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

One of the most popular SOAP libraries, the Perl SOAP::Lite module, has added many new features, including transports for Jabber and XML-RPC.

The latest release, 0.51, boasts these new features:

  • Jabber transport
  • MQ transport
  • XML-RPC transport
  • FastCGI transport
  • TCP/SSL transport, added non-blocking TCP multiserver
  • Support for WSDL import directive, short (tModel) service descriptions
  • Support for non-SOAP bindings in WSDL
  • Through use of Inline::C module allow dispatch to other languages including C, C++, assembler, Java, Python and Tcl.

SOAP::Lite can be obtained from the project's home page, or from CPAN.

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