Schemas for the transportation industry
12:42, 11 May 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Transentric has released eight schemas in support of open standards for load tendering, delivery, freight billing, reconciliation, scheduling/forecasting and equipment ordering.

The schemas form part of TranXML, an effort by Transentric to provide open schemas for the transportation industry. (Although Transentric use the words "open industry standard," it appears that TranXML is at this stage a single vendor proposal.)

The TranXML schemas can be obtained, via the TranXML Open Source License Agreement, from Transentric's web site. The License appears to be compatible with the GPL, but preserves Transentric's trademarks.

TranXML is one of the first vertical industry vocabularies to make use of the W3C's XML Schema Recommendation.

Re: Schemas for the transportation industry (Fred M. Domke - 02:14, 17 Jun 2003)

TranXML has been acquired by the Open Applications Group (OAGI) and is now available from their web site and under their open source license. Transentric continues to participate in the on-going development of TranXML as an Enterprise Member of OAGI.


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