Redfoot steps forward
08:55, 2 Apr 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Redfoot, James Tauber and Daniel Krech's framework for distributed RDF-based applications, is making progress towards a first stable release, with the announcement of Redfoot 0.9.5.

Redfoot includes an RDF database and query API, an RDF parser and serializer, an HTTP server providing a web interface for viewing and editing RDF, and a customizable user interface. The long term goals of the project include the addition of a peer-to-peer architecture for discovery of RDF statements, and inference engine, connectors for mapping non-RDF data into RDF triples, and a suite of example applications.

Changes in this release include the simplification of work needed to create applications. Krech writes: "Applications can now be build on top of a RedServer by writing a handler class (called UI) and 'two lines of Python'." Being developed in the style of eXtreme Programming, this release includes plenty of refactoring.

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