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08:44, 2 Apr 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Updates for pocketSOAP, Idoox WASP, and a W3C XML Schema for WSDL.

  • Simon Fell has released version 0.9.1 of pocketSOAP, an open source SOAP implementation for the Pocket PC, as well as Windows platforms. The latest version includes improvements in the HTTP transport, now supporting custom timeouts, server authentication, proxy servers and proxy authentication.

  • Idoox have announced WASP (Web Application and Services Platform), a module that simplifies creation, testing, and deployment of SOAP Web Services.

    WASP's features include Java to WSDL generation, WSDL to Java generation (client stubs & server skeletons), automated WAR deployment to any Servlet 2.2 API compliant web server, local execution of Web Services inside NetBeans IDE for testing purposes, tracing and manual modification of SOAP messages and - data syndication tools -- grab & process data from any online document.

    WASP can be downloaded from Idoox' web site.

  • Don Box of DevelopMentor has created W3C XML Schema CR-compliant schemas for WSDL. He writes that "I got tired of not having a working schema for WSDL, so I adapted the one from the spec to work with the PR schema spec. I also fixed at least one bug (there was a non-deterministic content model)."

    The schemas can be found on WSDL schema, schema for SOAP/WSDL extensions. Box provides a sample WSDL document for a calculator.

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