Xopus edits XML documents in the browser
21:04, 30 Mar 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Q42 is showing off a demo of their Xopus editor, which allows developers to edit XML inside of a browser context.

The Xopus editing environment:

"is a generic in-browser XML editor that takes any combination of XML, Schema (XSD) and XSL and makes it directly editable. It works in any XML/XSL-enabled browser. (currently only Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 on the Microsoft Windows platform)"

Xopus combines XML, XML Schema, and XSLT with Dynamic HTML and JavaScript to manage the in-browser editing experience, and Q42's explanation also discusses integration with the MMbase content management system.

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I'd like to know if Xopus is available for free download. The product sounds really exciting! ...
Re: Xopus edits XML documents in the browser (Simon Ahmed - 14:52, 12 Jun 2001)
this piece of information that you have provided is good but the problem is it is my first day worki ...
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