BDI Systems Releases DB/XML Transform, Version 2.0
06:47, 26 Mar 2001 UTC | Ron Bourret

BDI Systems announced the release of version 2.0 of DB/XML Transform (formerly xPower Transform Suite), its engine for "bi-directional data transformation between databases, XML and text formats."

Enhancements in this new version include XPath support, an improved GUI, and a new data transfer and transformation engine.

DB/XML Transform is an engine for moving data among XML documents, relational databases, and text files. During data transfer, the data can be transformed, for instance, by adding extra fields, deriving new values through expressions, or reorganizing the structure.

The new version introduces a mapping model that is "similar to the W3C's XSLT model." It uses XPath expressions to map source to target data and "enables you to do cross-level object mapping as well as mixed mapping between elements and attributes." Users define mappings through a graphical interface, including an expression editor added in version 2.0, or XML-based configurable objects.

Also new in version 2.0 is an engine that "takes advantages of both SAX and DOM models, and intelligently works out what model to use to best achieve the desired results." This is designed to enhance performance and scalability.

The October 24, 2000 Candidate Recommendation of XML Schemas is supported through the ability to generate XSD documents for targets and use XSD documents in the workspace.

BDI Systems offers a number of other tools as well, including DB/XML Vision, xPower Report, and xPower Catalog.

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