W3C XML Schema reaches Proposed Recommendation
21:42, 18 Mar 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

The W3C XML Schema specifications (0 1 2) have reached Proposed Recommendation status.

In a message to XML-dev, Rick Jelliffe noted that:

"The new specifications have been thoroughly revised, restructured and reformatted for clarity. [...] there are now more examples, better overview and navigation material, fluff has been cut, the Primer provides a very nice introduction for the laity, there is a formalization in the works (MSL) which will help type-theorists, and there is even a couple of pictures now."

The namespace for XML Schema has changed to, and that location now hosts a RDDL description of W3C XML Schema. The XML Schema instance namespace has changed to

Lists of changes from the previous Structures draft and changes from the previous Datatypes draft are available.

The comment period for all three specifications ends 16 April 2001.

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