Updates for Perl and Pocket PC SOAP libraries
08:17, 27 Feb 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Paul Kulchenko has released version 0.47 of the Perl SOAP stack SOAP::Lite, and Simon Fell has updated pocketSOAP, the Windows and PDA device SOAP stack.

  • SOAP::Lite v0.47 adds a COM interface for Windows integration (with examples in VB/VBS, Excel/VBA, JavaScript, C#, PerlScript, Perl and ASP), compression for HTTP transport, a mod_soap interface for adding SOAP server functionality for Apache, and parsing for multipart/form-data SOAP requests direct from browsers.

    SOAP::Lite is available from and CPAN.

  • PocketSOAP 0.9 improves its support for the SOAP specification, adding support for arrays. Also new is a SOAP proxy object for Visual Basic, which makes SOAP calls easy to make without the use of WSDL.

    PocketSOAP is open source. Binaries are available for Win32/Intel and PocketC, MIPS, ARM and SH3.

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