AxKit 1.3 adds dynamism
02:03, 17 Feb 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Matt Sergeant announced the release of AxKit 1.3, which "puts the pieces of the puzzle in place for being able to build dynamic web sites with AxKit."

AxKit 1.3 adds substantial support for XSP, an XML-driven Web server scripting approach originally created for Cocoon. That support and a set of Perl taglibs, available from CPAN, make it much simpler to create dynamic sites using reusable modules.

Sergeant noted that he and Kip Hampton have made "sure we have a good range of taglibs to get you started, so we've got Param, ESQL, Exception, Sendmail and Util to get you started. We'll build more as the need arises."

Sergeant also noted that AxKit's new features make it easy to release "the Take23 CMS [content management system] shortly, which is just 4 XSP pages and a module, and some stylesheets."

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Re: AxKit 1.3 adds dynamism (Putte - 08:44, 8 May 2003)
I tried to use axkit on but it´s quiet hard to get. Fun stuff though
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